Our Core Values

Vote Conservative San Diego is united and inspired by the great ideas of the American Revolution. Our nation became the most prosperous country in 5,000 years of human history because of its unique ideas about self-evident truth, inalienable rights and “the laws of nature and nature’s God.”

Our belief is that freedom, prosperity and reform result from pursuing these values. Our government was designed for “We the people”  to lead, and our leaders to follow.

Hence, we believe it is crucial to elect candidates who hold the following Core Values:

  1. Government applying the rule of law (just laws; justly applied)
  1. Government not interfering with the free market
  1. Individual property rights
  1. No government debt except under national war conditions
  1. The sanctity of life from conception to natural death
  1. Marriage as only between one man and one woman
  1. The right to use force (up to and including lethal) to protect our own lives, our family and our community
  1. A strong, well equipped and trained military that is free from ALL forms of social engineering and is supportive of spiritual ministry freely offered and given
  1. Freedom of religious conscience and practice by individuals, churches, and businesses – including the freedom to follow the dictates of their conscience to refrain from participating in events or business decisions that contradict those beliefs, and to do so without threat of reprisal
  1. The freedom for churches and individuals to proclaim the gospel without government interference

NOTE:  Our recommendations are based upon our understanding of the Republic envisioned by our Framers, our shared Biblical values and our knowledge of the candidates.

In races where the best candidates(s) do not generally hold to all these values, (or for whom we have been unable to adequately confirm their positions), we will offer the candidate who we believe will do the greater good in office and is the better of the available choices. These will be noted as “Preferable to Opponent(s)” or with other notations such as “The GOP Endorsed Candidate” or “Generally Conservative.”