Candidate Recommendations

The candidate recommendations below are based upon our understanding of the Republic envisioned by our Framers, our shared Biblical values and our knowledge of the candidates.

In races where the best candidates(s) do not generally hold to all these values, (or for whom we have been unable to adequately confirm their positions), we will offer the candidate who we believe will do the greater good in office and is the better of the available choices. These will be noted as “Preferable to Opponent(s)” or with other notations such as “The GOP Endorsed Candidate” or “Generally Conservative.”

Incumbents indicated with an asterisk *

Donald Trump (R)    Best available choice.   A Clinton presidency is simply too dangerous to all we hold dear. 

No recommendation

District 49
Darrell Issa* (R)

District 50
Duncan Hunter* (R)

District 51
Juan Hidalgo Jr. (R)

District 52
Denise Gitsham (R)

District 53
James Veltmeyer (R)

District 39

John Renison (R)

District 71
Randy Voepel (R)

District 75
Marie Waldron* (R)

District 77
Brian Maienschein* (R)    Preferable to Opponent

District 78
Kevin Melton (R)               Preferable to Opponent

District 79
John Moore (R)

District 80
Lincoln Pickard (R)


County Board of Education, Dist 5
Mark Wyland

County Board of Supervisors, Dist 3
Kristin Gaspar              Preferable to Opponent

(Listed in Alphabetical Order)

Alpine Union School, 2 seats
Joseph Perricone*
Louis Russo

Bonsall Unified School, 2 seats
Richard Olson*           The GOP Endorsed Candidate

Cajon Valley Union School, 2 seats
Karen Clark-Mejia
Jim Miller

Carlsbad City Council, 2 Seats
Keith Blackburn*        Generally Conservative

Chula Vista City Council, Dist 3
Jason Paguio

Chula Vista City Council, Dist 4
Mike Diaz

Chula Vista Elementary School, Seat 2
Hans D’Oleire  

Coronado Mayor
Richard Bailey

Coronado Unified School, Short Term
Esther R. Valdés

Coronado Unified School, Full Term, 2 seats
Julie Russell                   Preferable to Opponent

Del Mar Union School, 2 Seats
Stephen Cochrane        Preferable to Opponent

El Cajon City Council, 3 Seats
Star Bales
Paul Circo
W. E. Bob McClellan*

Encinitas City Council, 3 Seats
Phil Graham
Mark Muir*

Encinitas Mayor
Dr. Paul Gaspar            Preferable to Opponent

Encinitas Union School, 2 Seats
Anne-Katherine Pingree
Leslie Schneider

Escondido City Council, Seat 3
Jose “Joe” Garcia

Escondido City Council, Seat 4
Mike Morasco*

Escondido Treasurer
Douglas W. Shultz

Escondido Union High, Trustee Area 4
Dane M. White

Escondido Union School, Seat 3 
Mirek K. Gorny

Fallbrook CPA, 8 Seats
Lee De Meo*
William Leach
Roy Moosa*         

Fallbrook Public Utility, Div 1
Alvin W. Gebhart         The GOP Endorsed Candidate

Fallbrook Public Utility, Div 4
Don B. McDougal*        Preferable to Opponent

Fallbrook Union High, 2 seats
Lee De Meo*
Sharon L. Koehler*

Grossmnt-Cuyamaca Community College, Area 4
Timothy Caruthers

Grossmont Healthcare Board, 3 Seats
W.R. Bob Ayres*
Michael Emerson*
Virginia Hall

Grossmont Union High, Trustee Area 1
Steve Babbitt

Grossmont Union High, Trustee Area 2
Kevin G. Conover

Helix Water District, Division 1
John B. Linden     

Helix Water Dist, Div 3
Chuck Muse*

Imperial Beach City Council, 2 seats
Julie Behrens
Tim O’Neal

Jacumba Comm Services, 2 seats
G. David Moss

Lakeside Water District, Division 4
Brooks Boulter

La Mesa City Council, 2 seats
Kristine C. Alessio*
Ruth Sterling

La Mesa-Spring Valley School, 2 Seats
Jim Long
Emma Turner*

Lemon Grove City Council, 2 seats
Matt Mendoza
Michael Summers

Lemon Grove Mayor
Teresa A. Rosiak

Leucadia Wastewater, 3 Seats
Allan Juliussen*         The GOP Endorsed Candidate
Scott Liljegren            The GOP Endorsed Candidate

Oceanside City Council, 2 seats
Jack Feller*
Steve Hasty

Oceanside Mayor
Jim Gibson

Oceanside Treasurer
Gary Ernst, the GOP endorsed candidate, passed away recently.
Oceanside policy allows for a candidate to be elected posthumously and then
be replaced by a special election or council appointment.

Oceanside Unified School, 2 seats
Mike Blessing

Olivehain Muni Water, Division 2
Lou Lollio

Otay Water District, Division 2
Paula Whitsell

Otay Water District, Division 4
Hector R. Gastelum

Otay Water District, Division 5
Mark Robak*

Palomar Community College Board, 3 Seats
Rose Marie Dishman
Tim Fillinger

Palomar Health, 3 seats
Joy Gorzeman
Linda Carol Greer*
Doug Moir

Poway City Council, 2 seats
Julie Bendinelli
Barry Leonard     

Poway Unified School, 2 seats
Debra Cooper
Carol Ware

Ramona Muni Water, Division 3
Thomas N. Ace

Ramona Muni Water, Division 5
Doug Kafka

Ramona Unified School, 2 seats
Dawn Perfect
John Rajcic

Ramona CPA, 8 seats
Dan Summers

Rancho Santa Fe School, 3 Seats
Elise L. Dufresne
Tyler Seltzer*

San Diego City Attorney
Robert Hickey      

San Diego City Council, District 1
No recommendation. Mr. Ellis left the race.

San Diego Unified School, District A
Stephen “Steph” Groce             Preferable to Opponent

San Dieguito Union High, 2 seats
Randy Berholtz
Lucile Hooton Lynch

San Marcos Unified School, 3 Seats
Victor Graham

San Marcos City Council, 2 Seats
Rebecca D. Jones

San Miguel Consolidated Fire, 4 Seats
Richard Augustine   The GOP Endorsed Candidate
William A. Kiel*        The GOP Endorsed Candidate
Dave Rickards*         The GOP Endorsed Candidate

Santa Fe Irrigation, Division 2
David G. Petree       The GOP Endorsed Candidate

Santee City Council
Dustin Trotter

Santee Mayor
Rob McNelis

San Ysidro School (Short Term)
Steven Kinney     

Solana Beach City Council, 3 Seats
Chris Hohn             The GOP Endorsed Candidate

South Bay Irrigation, Division 2
John Vogel              Preferable to Opponent

Southwestern Community College, Seat 3
William “Bud” McLeroy

Sweetwater Union High, Trustee Area 2
Andrew Valencia       The GOP Endorsed Candidate

Tri-City Healthcare, 4 Seats
Ramona Finnila*
Dan Hughes
Julie Nygaard*
Larry Schallock*

Vallecitos Water, Division 1
Kelly Crews

Vallecitos Water, Division 4
Mike A. Sannella

Vallecitos Water, Division 5
Hal Martin

Valley Center CPA, 8 Seats
William Del Pilar

Valley Center Muni Water, Division 1
Robert A. Polito

Valley Center Muni Water, Division 4
Bob Lenson

Vista City Council, 2 Seats
Dale Pilat                              
Amanda Rigby      

Vista Unified, Trustee Area 1
Elizabeth Jaka            Preferable to opponent

Vista Unified, Trustee Area 4
Angela Chunka          Preferable to Opponents

Vista Unified, Trustee Area 5
Roland Bud Balmer

Whispering Palms Com Service, 3 Seats
Ross A. Martin

Yuima Muni Water, Division 2
Lori A. Johnson

Statewide Propositions
Prop 51: No
Prop 52: No
Prop 53: Yes
Prop 54: Yes
Prop 55: No
Prop 56: No
Prop 57: No
Prop 58: No
Prop 59: No
Prop 60: No
Prop 61: No
Prop 62: No
Prop 63: No
Prop 64: No
Prop 65: No
Prop 66: Yes
Prop 67: No

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